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Thank you so much for your interest in our #SCARVES4SYRIA campaign.

The Syrian conflict has entered its eighth year and shows no signs of ending any time soon. Over 70% of the population now requires humanitarian aid and millions have been displaced from their homes, forced to seek a new life elsewhere with no provisions and no hope. 
Since mid-February, Eastern Ghouta - a region already at breaking point - has witnessed an increase in military offensives, making life for its residents utterly unbearable. Children make up half of the population in the area and have been the worst affected.

‘The biggest humanitarian and refugee crisis of our time’ United Nations

Like many of you, we are heartbroken by the stories of pain, suffering and loss, especially where children have been affected. And like many of you, we wish we could do more to help. So this year, we have launched the #SCARVES4SYRIA campaign with the simple aim to raise funds for the people of Syria. For every scarf/hijab sold via our website, we will donate 50% of the profits to our #SCARVES4SYRIA campaign.

All of the money raised from the campaign will be donated to Islamic Relief's current Eastern Ghouta Emergency Appeal, and will be used to provide essential items such as food parcels, medicines, baby kits, blankets, clothing and heaters. Islamic Relief have teams on the ground inside Syria so you can be sure that the money raised from the campaign will be going directly to those who need it most.

You can support the campaign in a number of ways:

1. Purchase any scarves/hijabs from this website and share pictures of your new purchase on social media using the hashtag #SCARVES4SYRIA
2. Tell your friends and family about the campaign and encourage them to support it.
3. Donate directly via this link.

We know there is much more to be done. And we know we can’t do it alone. So we hope you will join us in supporting the #SCARVES4SYRIA campaign and together we can help the people of Syria.